Or as an alternate answer: use apache itself as the proxy. The poor saps who subject themselves to PHP will be happy and the OACS users can have a real system to work with.

Are there any caching proxy plugins for aolserver? I have cheap bandwidth in other countries, which I'd like to load balance media file serving to.

I've used squid in the past, but its algorithm is impenetrable, and I didn't see the bandwidth savings I thought I should.

Something like this:
a) receive http request
b) is file available locally?
   b1) YES: return the file
b2) NO: return HTTP redirect, and get the file from the source, so it's available for the next request
c) are we out of disk space? if so, delete the least used file(s)

Obviously, a very easy algorithm to write, and I was thinking of using aolserver to do this


AOLserver - http://www.aolserver.com/

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