Daniël Mantione wrote:

I'm not to happy to call it a marketing issue, because this suggests that if you would have a big enough advertising campain, you can make AOLserver win from Apache. This is not the case.

Software lock-in is very difficult to undo (ever try to get someone to change their preferred text editor? mail tool? word processor? webserver ... ) But it *can* be done. Either through convincing them of the benefits (slow and painful), forcing them (not always possible), or providing something that they cannot get elsewhere (e.g., a new framework, access to the company email, or whatever).

I don't really mean marketing as in a public relations campaign (although that certainly wouldn't hurt), I mean it more as education and changing the public perception. How to do that? If I knew I'd probably be rich (or a politician).

It is the way you need to work with AOLserver that causes these problems. Not because AOLserver cannot do something (on the contrary, it is one of the most capable web servers), but you run into social/political issues, like you needing port 80, have a user who has a MySQL application in his public_html directory, etc.

Ok then, first up on the FUQ list (that's frequently unasked questions):

Q:  How do I run AOLserver when I already have apache running on port 80?

A: There's lots of ways, some of which may not work due to your particular political/social situation. AOLserver can do nearly everything apache can, so you could just drop apache.
If you have SSI files, [instructions for SSI support]
If you have CGI files, [instructions for CGI support with setuid]
If you have PHP apps,  [instructions for PHP setup]
If you have extensive rewrite rules, [script for changing them to filters]

If your sysadmin/company/project is unwilling to move away from apache for everything and you still need to coexist, you could:
- run both apache and aolserver on alternate ports behind a reverse proxy
- run apache up front and use mod_proxy to proxy particular requests to aolserver running on an alternate port
- bind aolserver and apache to different interfaces on port 80
- run aolserver on e.g., port 81 and include that in your urls

Any others?  Should something like this be on the wiki?


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