Dossy Shiobara wrote:
On 2007.08.09, Jim Davidson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
After reading through all the responses to my "aolserver focus" post,
it seems to me Thorpe's comments below are the most realistic and
actionable, i.e., it's the documentation / getting started stuff
that's insufficient.

Indeed, Thorpe's message was on-the-spot.  As he mentions, there was an
effort a while ago where Matthew Burke and I wrote a draft TOC and
circulated it to several publishers, but we never actually started real
work on the manuscript.

I wish I were disciplined enough to complete such a book ...

-- Dossy

I realize its the lame answer to every similar problem in every open source community, but why not get it started on the wiki? I'd start by cutting and pasting Thorpe's TOC onto a new wiki page, but I'm not clear on what community editing processes (if any) are in place on the wiki.


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