On 2007.08.31, Dave Bauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> CVS2SVN can do it. We recenetly experiemented with importing the
> entire OpenACS CVS tree into SVN and it was possible. OpenACS is
> gigantic compared to AOLserver so it seems likely its possible.

I've attempted cvs2svn conversion back in 2005 and ran into some
problems which I didn't make notes on--I'm assuming lots of fixes have
gone into cvs2svn since then.

The concern I have around the conversion has to do with the logical
organization of the repository: i.e., everything in one SVN repository,
or one repository per module.

Should we have:





I'm leaning towards the latter--each module in its own
repository--because any changeset to a repository increments the
revision number.  It might be annoying to "svn up" and see that the
revision has changed because of a change in, say, nsoracle ... where no
change to aolserver core was made.

I don't believe SourceForge provides multiple SVN repositories to a
project, though.  As far as I know, it's one repository per project.
And, I really don't want to go creating separate SourceForge projects
per module, etc.  (I believe Google Code project hosting is the same,
with only one repository per project.)

> What really more important here is what are you trying to fix.  Are
> there really that many outstanding issues that we need to move
> everything from sourceforge? Wouldn't it be easier to just write up a
> page with the milestones?

Ultimately, I want to understand what real obstacles we have with
respect to getting people to participate more in the project.

John Buckman emailed the list with a bug the other day and nobody
responded.  I have intentionally held back to see who else might get
involved to follow his reproduction steps, test his change, and
eventually commit it.  There are some 50+ people who have CVS commit
access to the project--someone else has to be able to do these things,

(Speaking of which: John, why don't you have CVS commit access?  What's
your SourceForge username ...?)

-- Dossy

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