Dossy said:
> > Revision Control:
> > * Given you've also suggested a move to SVN, similar questions should be
> > asked: will the revision histories be moved, or just the tip revision?
> > How much archeology will be required to find out that "Adam Zell
> > submitted this patch in 2002?"
> The reason why I haven't worked on moving things out of CVS (given how
> slow SourceForge has been lately) is because I want to make sure I can
> properly preserve the revision history in whatever SCC system I import
> it into.
> I personally feel that if the entire revision history isn't preserved,
> it isn't being "done right."  Others may feel it's less important to
> carry forward that old information, but especially in open source
> projects that audit trail is important, to know exactly who changed
> what.
> > Resource management:

CVS2SVN can do it. We recenetly experiemented with importing the
entire OpenACS CVS tree into SVN and it was possible. OpenACS is
gigantic compared to AOLserver so it seems likely its possible.

What really more important here is what are you trying to fix.
Are there really that many outstanding issues that we need to move
everything from sourceforge? Wouldn't it be easier to just write up a
page with the milestones?


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