Why is this speaking out against Trac? Why isn't this speaking up for 
AOLserver, Tcl, OpenACS, and everyone in the community who supports and uses 
these high quality products?  

Anyway, I seem to remember my email being a little longer than a single line. 

Personally I think the standard for moving forward on something like this is 
_agreement_ that the current setup is not working, and what the real issues 
are, not _silence_ about a particular option.

But it is impossible to agree or disagree based upon no information on what 
the goal is, why we can't do it with the current tools, and how the new tools 
are going to work.

tom jackson

On Friday 31 August 2007 13:17, Dossy Shiobara wrote:
> On 2007.08.31, Tom Jackson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Maybe support our own instead of moving to python and Apache.
> Is that your only reason to speak out against Trac?

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