On 2007.08.31, Dave Bauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> We have no idea why you decided we need to have a NEW bug tracker when
> the bugs in the current one are never dealt with.

You're right, we don't need a new bug tracker.

Yes, the bugs in the current one are never dealt with.  Do you have any
explanation as to why that is?  Any guesses?

> What problems are you trying to solve?

None, really.  I've just been running into Trac a lot on various
unrelated open source projects that I interact with and contribute to,
and the latest version has really impressed me.

> After your initial post you decided to explain a small part of your
> idea a little more fully. You said you wanted to setup Trac and have
> some folks try it out to see if its works better. Better than what,
> and for what purpose you really didn't explain.

I didn't have a purpose in mind, honestly.  I was looking for feedback.
One thing this community seems to love to do is talk a lot and do very
little.  I tried to avoid that trend by actually doing something
(setting up Trac) then seeking feedback.  The more positive feedback I
get, the more I'll continue to set it up (import the wiki, move over
SourceForge tickets, etc.).  If the feedback is negative, I'll kill it

> If the community has to resources to maintain the current bug tracker,

... it doesn't.

> what makes you think adding ANOTHER one, that has a seperate list of
> bugs would help at all?

I'd like to understand why nobody is using the current bug tracker.  Why
aren't others working on open bugs, committing fixes, and closing them

What will it take to get people to contribute?  What do I have to do?
Tell me.  I only ask that the answer doesn't boil down to "Dossy has to
do everything."  That's it.

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