If you worry about Captan phytotoxicity, then you should also worry about LLS 
being phytotoxic under the same conditions. Liquid lime sulfur is a ’normal’ 
(ie not emergency) choice for post infection (kickback). However, I wouldn’t 
trust it 96 hours after beginning of rain, unless the temperature was very low.

Typically, we use DH (degree-hours) to describe the post infection efficacy.

In Celsius, we consider LLS good for 250 DH, meaning 25 hours at 10°C. This is 
calculated once the infection is started.

If you calculate from the beginning of the rain, then about 400DH (40 hours at 
10, or 80 hours at 5°C)

hope this helps.


> Le 7 avr. 2016 à 12:56, David Kollas <kol...@frontier.com> a écrit :
>       Does anyone have enough experience with liquid lime sulfur to comment 
> on it as an emergency
> choice for application before rains have stopped during the current long 
> infection period?  It is listed as 
> having 72-96 hours back-action in the New England Tree Fruits Management 
> Guide.
>       In my particular situation, Half-Inch Green stage tissues were exposed 
> many hours during two of
> the previous three nights to 18-20 degrees F, and are probably extra 
> sensitive to captan penetration
> and phytotoxicity.
> David Kollas
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