I heard at the Hudson Valley RIMpro meeting last
month that bicarbonate is used in Europe during rainfall

That would seem to necessitate repeated applications during an infections 
period. Does it have no after-infection value?

In replicated tests over the years, we saw value in using bicarbonate in a 
“short” post-infection window. (250DH). However, If spraying your orchard takes 
more than 12 hours, these “soft” molecules are not for you. In the same tests, 
Inspire Super or Fontelis or Aprovia are better. No question.

We use RIMpro to time bicarbonate in order to clean up spores ejected typically 
the day before. Timed properly, you don’t “usually” need multiple sprays. We 
adjust to risk (RIM value). If conditions dictate an additional spray, then we 
advise it.

We know enough about spore ejection dynamics to spray it “when it hurts”.

Granted, Infections that extend for many days can be tricky. But usually, 
bicarbonate is tank mixed with sulfur so you are getting dual action = some 
kick back and protection for spores to come.

Not sure the picture will be sent via Apple Crop. But I attached one slide I 
use with growers (from Trapman)


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