Hi Jana,

I installed the RC2 on my Mac; but when I start the server, nothing 
happens. No log file is generated, the URL ( is not 

I want to evaluate this product as part of a proposal which I am preparing 
for my client. But this product has the worst bootstraping IMHO.

~ Niranjan

On Monday, October 17, 2016 at 8:24:09 AM UTC-7, Jana V wrote:
> Hello community, 
> In case you have not seen it yet – the RC2 of the upcoming ArangoDB 3.1 is 
> feature complete and ready for testing! 
> It comes with several improvements and new features, the list of which you 
> can find here 
> <https://www.arangodb.com/2016/10/release-candidate-2-of-arangodb-3-1/>. 
> There is also “a-little-something-special” feature which we introduce for 
> the first time – SmartGraphs. In short it enables you to shard really huge 
> graphs in a cluster achieving close to the same performance as on a single 
> instance. You will find a more detailed explanation here 
> <https://docs.arangodb.com/3.1.rc2/Manual/Graphs/SmartGraphs/index.html>. 
> As it is a completely new feature, I invite you all to give it a spin and 
> tell us what you like, dislike, would prefer to have differently – any 
> feedback is a great feedback, and we grow thanks to it. ;) It comes as part 
> of the ArangoDBEnterprise Edition 
> <https://www.arangodb.com/download-arangodb-enterprise/> which is free 
> for evaluation (Yes, there is a short download form; and yes, we promise to 
> "spam" you only a tiny little bit  :) ) Join our #feedback31 
> <https://slack.arangodb.com/> slack community channel to let us know what 
> you think.

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