On 10/15/2016 06:21 PM, GaCuest wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> If anyone if interested, I’ve updated the block diagram with new
> changes:
> http://george.the-petries.co.uk/shared-write-access/eoma/Block%20Diagram%20ZEOMA/Block%20Diagram%20Console%202.1.png
> Any suggestions/corrections are appreciated. Thanks!

Do you have a chip picked out to provide 5V boost to the EOMA card
yet? The AXP209 does not appear to provide it.

My plan for handheld computer was to use a TI brand LiPo charging IC
and 5V boost. The AXP209 seems like a better idea than the TI charging
solution since it has configurable regulator outputs and lower cost.

Also, I see you are not using SSD2828 for RGB to MIPI conversion
anymore. This week I finished up a preliminary schematic for a SSD2828
testing/breakout board. I briefly started the layout and began to have
second thoughts. It seems like too much work to incorporate it. I'm
now looking for ~4 inch RGB LCD's instead.

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