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> take a look at frida's LCDs, we have the advantage of being in touch
> directly with marco, the possibility of group buys, etc. etc.
> datasheets all here:
> http://rhombus-tech.net/suppliers/shenzen/frida_lcd/

joseph update page i found the NT35510 datasheet it looks like it can
do SPI (am checking with marco) which makes it perfect for the
hybrid-phone i want to do, if you use this one as well FRD39751040V
then we can do a group buy between the three projects.  it's 800x480
and it's IPS.

>> Also, I see you are not using SSD2828 for RGB to MIPI conversion
>> anymore. This week I finished up a preliminary schematic for a SSD2828
>> testing/breakout board. I briefly started the layout and began to have
>> second thoughts. It seems like too much work to incorporate it. I'm
>> now looking for ~4 inch RGB LCD's instead.

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