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> El 16 de octubre de 2016 a las 9:16:56, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton
> (l...@lkcl.net) escribió:
>> take a look at the various schematics available for tablet reference
>> designs etc. etc. you want something like a SY7208 see
>> http://hands.com/~lkcl/eoma/TABLET162_20121110.pdf page 7 and make
>> sure it's providing enough current.
> The link is incorrect. Do you want to say this link?:
> http://hands.com/~lkcl/eoma/kde_tablet/TABLET162_20121110.pdf

 page 7.  contains relevant step-up to 5V converter IC.

> I think that most components are in large quantities in China:
> - Linear potentiometer (trigger) and joystick -- Favor Union/Polyshine
> (a Hong Kong company). MOQ is higher, but price is very good.

 let me put the photos in front of runde i know they have something

> - TS4408A button -- a lot of stores sell its in Aliexpress/Alibaba with
> good prices: https://aliexpress.com/af/4mmx4mmx0.8mm.html

 send me some photos (compressed-archive) by direct email message.
i'll put them in front of runde when i visit them

> - SKRTLAE010 button -- you use it on laptop. Have you found a
> chinese replacement?

 runde. again.

> - USB 2.0 -- you use it on laptop. Have you found a chinese
> replacement?

 yes.  runde.  again.  they have practically everything

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