El 15 de octubre de 2016 a las 20:33:12, Eric Duhamel
(ericxd...@gmail.com) escribió:
> A game console based on emulators and ports can be really interesting even 
> before adding
> non-free software.
> For starters, you may be able to find public domain or even free software ROM 
> for most of
> the emulators, and they could even be shipped with the device operating 
> system as part
> of the free software included! Users looking for a device to play classic 
> games will of
> course download what they want, but that base set of games will be there, 
> pre-installed,
> free, and legal. It would take some searching and verification, but even a 
> handful of
> free ROM would be good. [PD Roms](http://pdroms.de/) [Community Software]( 
> https://archive.org/details/open_source_software)
> RetroPie has an interesting project they call 
> [Ports](https://github.com/retropie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki/Ports).
> Some of the engines and games they are porting are free software.
> Lastly, it could be really helpful to provide a platform target for free 
> software games
> developers. I'd guess that a device that can run/test games written in 
> [Godot](https://godotengine.org/),
> [Löve](https://love2d.org/), or [Pygame](http://www.pygame.org/) would be 
> rather
> attractive.

Yes, our idea is to support all that. I still keep my GP32 and GP2X,
I'm a fan of retro games and emulators.

As I said above, it may be interesting to launch a EOMA68-A20
completely libre with this type of software. Without proprietary
drivers for the GPU to be completely free.

Thanks for your comments.

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