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>> I do not follow lkcl's opposition on this.

 there's no "opposition" ron.

> He's trying to make sure that the resulting design is safe and 1) won't ruin 
> reputation of EOMA68 2) will be a good reference design for other designers 
> that want to make EOMA68-compatible things, so that their designs won't ruin 
> the EOMA68 reputation.

 correct.  arsenijs i leave it up to you to explain it to ron's
satisfaction.  anyone is permitted to use the word "EOMA68"... *ONLY*
if it meets ***MY*** approval.  that means you follow the rules that
*** I and I alone *** set, regarding EOMA68.

 this is to ensure that you do not end up killing someone through a
lithium battery fire because you didn't fucking well listen... and the
fire investigators do not go "oh it's an EOMA68 product... shut those
fuckers down NOW"... and the parents of the child whom you effectively
murdered through your highly irresponsible negligence try to sue ***
ME *** because *** YOU *** broke Trademark Law by putting "EOMA68" on
the product without my explicit consent and authorisation, and did not
go through and did not respect that there has to be a proper and full
audit and review of the entire product - by me - before you can use
the (copyrighted) phrase "EOMA68".

 bottom line: you are free to do whatever you like.... *IF* you do NOT
mention IN ANY WAY that you and your product are directly or
indirectly associated with EOMA68.  if however you want to mention
"EOMA68" anywhere on the product or the website, you REQUIRE MY

 this is Trademark Law.  it exists for a damn good reason.

 if this is unacceptable to you, if you cannot accept that Trademark
Law applies, if you do not recognise that i am the sole exclusive
Copyright holder of the EOMA68 Certification Mark, if you are unable
or unwilling to respect the compliance requirements for the *FULL*
EOMA68 Specification, you should stop using the phrase "EOMA68"...
*right now*.

 this is really important that you understand and accept, ok?

 > I haven't yet found PCMCIA breakouts (or EOMA68 breakouts, for that matter),

 same difference...

 digikey have some PCMCIA connectors available: they'll get you
started at least.  yes i do have some (at the factory in china), i may
have some at the flat in taiwan, i'll have to dig them out.  if you
can look on digikey for PCCARD or PCMCIA connectors or anywhere else,
just to get some sort of breakout board, go for those.  i'd recommend
the through-hole ones as you can solder directly to the pins if


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