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> considered my phrasing short, effective and direct. I do not
> see, why lkcl should limit my free speech on such a minor thing.
> I should not have gotten the request in the first place.

 but you *aren't* free, ron - not in this case.  this is not a forum
for "free speech".  you are here because you are a guest of mine,
where i get to set the rules - not you.  you are required to respect
Copyright Law - which applies SPECIFICALLY to EOMA68 - and you are NOT
free to do whatever you like.

 you seem to believe that you have the right to do whatever you want: you don't.

 every time i have asked you to respect my authority you have ducked
or ignored the question.

 now, i am going to ask you a REALLY simple question, and i am going
to REQUIRE that you explicitly answer.

 do you, ron wirring, accept that i am the SOLE EXCLUSIVE Copyright
Holder of the EOMA68 Standard?

 please answer simply yes or no.

 if you do not answer "yes" within 72 hours i will be forced to simply
unsubscribe you from this list as your continued - long-standing -
lack of respect for my authority can reasonably be interpreted to be a
threat not just to the project but also to the safety of ordinary
non-technical end-users.

 also if you do not answer "yes" i will NOT grant you permission, AS
IS MY RIGHT UNDER COPYRIGHT LAW, to utilise the word "EOMA68" in ANY
way, shape or form.

 are we absolutely clear, ron?


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