Hi All,

Just a heads up that the 4.15 kernel is headed to stable releases.

I did a bunch of testing over the weekend and fixed up a bunch of
issues, added some minor enhancements across a number of platforms.
There is a kernel-4.15.2-301.fc27 build [1] which had all those fixes
for people to test, I expect a 4.15.3 kernel going to updates-testing
later today or tomorrow.

A few notes for the fixes I added:
* fixed cpufreq/thermal on i.MX6 (thanks kwizart for upstream fix)
* Crypto/rng engine on some AllWinner devices now loads/works
(A10/A143/A20 at least, I suspect more will come with later kernels)
* Exynos 5 USB-3 issue should now be fixed once and for all (I hope)
* A bunch of improvements for monitor detection on the Raspberry Pi
* Ethernet driver more stable on AllWInner A64/H5 platforms (like Pine64)
* Numerous other upstream fixes improvements that headed upstream
* 4.15.3 (not in the build above) will include aarch64 fixes for

So please test and feel free to reply to this thread with any new
issues you see with the 4.15 series, or any positive results.

[1] https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=24966088
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