2018-02-12 18:56 GMT+01:00 Peter Robinson <pbrobin...@gmail.com>:
> Hi All,
> Just a heads up that the 4.15 kernel is headed to stable releases.
> I did a bunch of testing over the weekend and fixed up a bunch of
> issues, added some minor enhancements across a number of platforms.
> There is a kernel-4.15.2-301.fc27 build [1] which had all those fixes
> for people to test, I expect a 4.15.3 kernel going to updates-testing
> later today or tomorrow.
> A few notes for the fixes I added:
> * fixed cpufreq/thermal on i.MX6 (thanks kwizart for upstream fix)
Thx for the mention!

There is also a patch that has landed in 4.16-rc1 to fix the load of
the sdma firmware (included in our linux-firmware package).
If you care to backport to 4.15 at some point ;)

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