GM, Peter,

Typo ... Xorg.

Yes, I've tried several aarch64 versions on the RPi-3 and timed performance 
against the 32-bit versions, and the 32-bit versions substantially out-perform 
the 64-bit.  I keep hoping the 64-bit versions will get faster, but I'm not so 
sure any more.

Mostly I wanted to do some ARM8 assembler to learn the architecture and test 
some algorithms that I hoped would leverage ARM8's architecture to improve 
performance.  The excursions into 64-bit SUSE and Fedora are educational 
diversions, as I try to find a 64-bit version that is stable and performs 
reasonably well as an OS platform for my testing.  So far, I've spent more time 
on my diversions than on my algorithms.  :-)

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