> Hi,
> That means nothing to me, I'm guessing it's a cheap AllWinner based
> device, do you have any more details? Are you using a Fedora u-boot or
> your own? If Fedora what's it called? What Fedora image are you using?

I is indeed a cheap cortex A10 Alwinner tablet, with 1Gb ram.
I started from image 
and used the bootloader for A10-OLinuXino-Lime in the arm-imamge-installer, 
later on i replaced it with a bootloader compiled for the sun4i-a10-inet1 
target, compiled from the uboot repo.
I update by sudo dnf update and everything still works except for the newer 

Also its a inet 10F rev 03 model chipset.

> Touch screen is no real surprise if it's an AllWinner based tablet,
> they change them constantly based on cost and availability.
the touchscreen is DPT 300-N3765A-C00, from the dpt group, i will see later if 
i can get the driver information from the android fex file, but the fex files 
have multiple touchscreens defined, so i will have to verify which one later.

> If one 4.13 works it's not surprising others do, what about 4.14.x
i will try the 4.14 kernel from koji as well.

> Can you some how grab the output up until it goes blank, I suspect
> that last output might give us some idea.
the latest output is:

starting kernel..
then a black screen with the pinguin only (from uboot?), then that also 
disappears, it seems the back-light is still on though, until i reset the 
could it be that the load address of the kernel is wrong (kernel  size got 

> What about a Fedora 4.16.2 (built yesterday) kernel? Unfortunately we
> can't help with custom built kernels, it's almost impossible to remote
> debug the Fedora ones, custom is the never step of impossible.
I understand, i will try with the that koji kernel as well.
> Kernels can always be found in koji to download:
> https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=8
> You'll find every thing to the latest 4.17 linus snapshot there.
> Sadly there's no MakeItWork kernel command line option, it's a matter
> of getting debug and trying to work out what went wrong and why. We
> don't explicitly support these devices due to the lack of ease of
> supporting them as you're finding out, but we don't do anything to
> actively stop them working, it's very much a best effort, I suspect
> there's something upstream that has regressed, the question is working
> out what, and the last of that early boot output will be the best spot
> to start.
> Peter

Thanks for all the info, I have spotted what i think is the serial connectors, 
and i will try tomorrow to get serial working so i can give a better log (of 
the koji kernel) boot sequence.
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