Hi Qicheng.

An FDR can be calculated from the null distribution, but the software doesn't 
do it. For example, see:


The code below may give a useful plot, basically the MUF scores for the 
dataset, with boxplots of the null distributions overlaid:

matplot( jitter(fg$nProbe), abs(fg$mufScores), pch=19, cex=.2, 
         xlim=c(7,80), xlab="Number of Probes", ylab="MUF scores", xaxt="n")
boxplot( fg$nullDistributions, at=1:length(fg$nullDistributions), add=TRUE, 
         boxwex=.4, outline=FALSE, names=NULL, las=2, yaxt="n", col="orange" )


On 2010-08-12, at 12:39 AM, Qicheng Ma wrote:

> Hi,
>          I looked at the results, fg, 
> > names(fg)
> [1] "mufScores"         "firmaGeneScores"   "nProbe"
> [4] "nullDistributions" "nProbeNull"        "plmObject"
> [7] "cls"
>            There is no Pvalue (or Qvalue),  but the paper says:
> "To alleviate this, we repeatedly sample J probes from
> the empirical distribution of all standardized residuals
> and calculated the MUF score, giving a null distribution of
> MUF scores for J probes. A false discovery rate can be calculated
> for the discoveries above a given quantile of the
> null distributions."
>               How can I get the Qvalue from false discovery rate ?
> Thanks,
> Qicheng 

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