Henrik, that was the solution!  When I did 'summaryr(ufl)' the lengths
were all zero (or maybe NA?).  I had tried generating my own UFLs
using the R script, but that clearly didn't work.  When I downloaded
the files from the link below, everything worked.  Thanks for your


> > summary(ufl)
>      length
>  Min.   : 115
>  1st Qu.: 440
>  Median : 598
>  Mean   : 609
>  3rd Qu.: 771
>  Max.   :1266
>  NA's   : 681
> If not, download the UFL file again from:
>  http://aroma-project.org/chipTypes/Mapping250K_Nsp-and-Mapping250K_Sty

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traceback(), and 3) to post a complete code example.

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