HI Joe,

Been a while. How have you been? I would take either option, modify the OTB or 
attach a custom menu.


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I have seen quite a few limitations and/or discrepancies even with both SmartIT 
and MyIT, most of them being at a functionality level when comparing the same 
function either with the Mid-Tier or its other counterpart (SmartIT vs MyIT) - 
whether these discrepancies are "by design" or a plain oversight, I do not know 
and I had not raised a ticket with BMC Support to follow up with my 

So given a choice to make that decision myself, I would continue to have my 
users use the Mid-Tier and not really pay much heed to either Smart or My IT 
until there is a more stable release of these two tools..

Having said that, are you trying to modify an out of the box menu? Or are you 
trying to replace one?


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Hi All & TGIF

In the ITSM 7.6 Incident I had a join form (SIT:Assignee) between CTM:Suport 
Group Assoc LookUp and CTM:People.  These were joined the login id and the key 
field I was after was Site. Based on the join form I created a custom menu 
based on the Site in the Incident and the join form. Finally I had an active 
link to do a change menu if the Incident Type was Infrastructure Event.

Of course in Smart IT you no longer have active links. I can write a custom 
menu that would not require an active link but I don't know of a way to 
populate it into Smart IT. Any ideas? I did get something from BMC about 
dynamic menus but it didn't seem to really get me there.


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