1.) So, if I must set the scattering particle temperature to an arbitrary value after calling "pnd_fieldCalcFromParticleBulkProps", do I just override and assign 'pnd_agenda_input_t".

You got me wrong. You don't need to do anything. pnd_agenda_input_t is set automatically where needed.

2.) Can the particle temperature be set different than the ambient temperature?

Hardly. You can in principle try to "hack" pnd_agenda to set it to some other value. But why do you want to do it?

And please note that the psdModifiedGamma PSD-s do not even have a temperature dependence. So in this case I really don't see any reason.

The temperature also comes into play when interpolating scat_data, but that is handled by another part of ARTS. And over there, there is no option beside using the local temperature.

3.) Do you recommend me to use internally generated PSD for MC or set it 

What you have started should work. So continue on this track.

(The alternative is to set pnd_field already in Python. Then you can ignore particle_bulkprop_field ad pnd_agenda etc.

I can also mention that the PSD system in ARTS v2.5 soon will change. Simon is making a complete revision of the handling of particles.)


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