Hi Witali,

Great that it worked with GCC.

The problem with Clang is a known issue on operating systems that link by 
default against the GNU libstdc++. In the case of Ubuntu, compiling with clang 
requires explicit linking against LLVM's libc++ by setting `export 
CXXFLAGS=-stdlib=libc++` before calling cmake. I'm working on a pull request[1] 
that updates our cmake configuration to output proper errors if the available 
compiler is too old and will also add the automatic switch to libc++ if clang 
is used.

Thanks for your feedback and good luck with the line mixing!


 [1] https://github.com/atmtools/arts/pull/526

> On 14 Sep 2022, at 17:48, witali.kroc...@unibe.ch wrote:
> I was running Ubuntu 20.04LTS which only offers gcc 9 and clang 10. Upgrading 
> gcc and clang on 20.04 was not possible (at least not easily). After 
> upgrading to 22.10 which does provide gcc 11 and clang 14 I managed to 
> install ARTS, but only using gcc. When trying to use clang as directed in 
> "LLVM/Clang compiler" section on the gitpage there was an error: 
> "fatal error: instantiating fold expression with 2003 arguments exceeded 
> expression nesting limit of 256"
> Will try to run the line mixing module know.
> Best regards
> Witali

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