Dear ARTS Team

I am currently using the Zeeman module to retrieve stratospheric temperature 
profiles from oxygen emission lines from fine structure transitions at 52.542 
and 53.067 GHz. I correct for the tropospheric influence using a simple 
tropospheric correction. However, I intend to improve the inversion algorithm 
by including line-mixing calculations instead.
First, I am having trouble figuring out how to get line-mixing data. I found 
"Makarov, Tretyakov, and Rosenkranz, 2011" as a standard reference for 
line-mixing data in this frequency range. However, it seems to me that only the 
emission complex at 60 GHz is covered there. Is there any line mixing data for 
the emission lines at 52.542 and 53.067 GHz?

Also, I would need some guidance on the implementation of the line mixing 
module. I guess the data set should be in a certain format, which I did not 
find in the ARTS manual or documentation (maybe I missed something?).

With kind regards
Witali Krochin

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