the majority of the responses seems to be against the discontinuation of the 
mailing list.

Has a decision already been made in the last week? Or is this still discussed 
internally or with some of the people that offered help in keeping the mailing 
lists running?



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Greetings all,

Over the past few years, the use of the Asterisk mailing lists has diminished, 
with far more conversation happening on the Asterisk community forums[1]. The 
state of email, to ensure reliable delivery, has also gotten more complicated - 
emails get caught by spam filters, etc.. To continue the mailing lists would 
require a huge time and resource investment, for minimal use.

To that end, we’ve decided to discontinue the mailing lists effective February 
1st, 2024.

This means the following:

1. Sending and receiving mailing list emails will no longer be possible.
2. The list archives, however, will remain available.

We need to decide the future of the asterisk-dev mailing list; specifically, 
where to hold discussions in the future. There are a few options:

1. A “Development” category exists on https://community.asterisk.org/ already 
that can be used.
2. We can use GitHub discussions, which keeps things with the GitHub project.
3. We can use a hosted mailing list elsewhere.

We suggest option #2, since it keeps things with the GitHub project, which is 
where everything development-related happens now regardless. This has been set 
up and enabled already.

If you have any input, now is the time to state it.


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