Been away in Australia for a few weeks so late to this thread. Thought
I'd offer my take on it.

Vinyl LP technology is outdated, seriously flawed and quite frankly a
bit of a dog's dinner.

And yet - it can sound bloody marvelous. Go figure. My personal opinion
is that it's because human hearing is sufficiently poor that even LP can
be adequate. (I know Arny wouldn't agree).

Bottom line : mastering quality is more important than the delivery
medium. If the best master is only available on LP, then the LP will
give the most enjoyable listening experience. 

As for the debate over cartridge types, I generally found that low
output MC types gave more "boogie factor" than MM or high output MCs.
Quite possibly less accurate than a decent Shure model, but in the
context of vinyl, accuracy isn't really the point. 

And finally, if you're serious about vinyl, do yourself a favour and get
a vacuum cleaning machine such as a Nitty Gritty, VPI or Moth. Or a
Keith Monks if you're very rich.

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