Apesbrain wrote: 
> Just chiming in to say that I use a Benz ACE (0.8 mV; first gen model)
> and like it very much.  I've owned many cartridges including an
> Audio-Technica AT-14Sa.  If I needed a new cartridge, I'm sure I could
> live happily with one of the current A-T line such as the VM-740ML.  My
> memory is of a nice clean sound and very good tracking.  I've always
> read favorable things about the OC-9 series as well.  Enjoy!

Both the Ace and the OC-9 are very good carts.
And yes, I'm enjoying the AT.

Listening to ' Van Morrison - The Alternative Moondance. 

This is a Record Store Day 2018 release. Great album!

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