cliveb wrote: 
> Vinyl LP technology is outdated, seriously flawed and quite frankly a
> bit of a dog's dinner.

I agree with that. Although I never ditched my vinyl collection I never
listened to it.
Until I recently discovered that it can sound a bit better than I was
used to. 

cliveb wrote: 
> And yet - it can sound bloody marvelous. Go figure. My personal opinion
> is that it's because human hearing is sufficiently poor that even LP can
> be adequate. (I know Arny wouldn't agree).

Yes it can sound great.
This is not to say that I'm about to ditch my CD's...
I just enjoy a vinyl album every now and then. And this is what our
hobby should be all about: enjoyment. 

cliveb wrote: 
> Bottom line : mastering quality is more important than the delivery
> medium. If the best master is only available on LP, then the LP will
> give the most enjoyable listening experience. 

That is so true.
The term listening fatigue is probably due to poorly mastered and
compressed music. 

cliveb wrote: 
> As for the debate over cartridge types, I generally found that low
> output MC types gave more "boogie factor" than MM or high output MCs.

My experience with MC carts is too limited but I did enjoy the Benz Ace
which was a high output MC cart. The OC9 I have now is a low output
I didn't AB the two carts and frankly I'm not interested in doing that
(for the few vinyl records I play). But I have the feeling that the OC9
produces a tad bit more detail.

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