Robert Elz <> wrote, on 11 Apr 2018:
> Incidentally, I know that this part of the 985 new text ...
>       the first argument (pattern) is the same as patt, except each character
>       that was quoted in patt and is not in a bracket expression is prefixed 
> by a backslash
> is intended to handle this problem, except it cannot - once we have done quote
> removal, what "was quoted" is lost, either we have the quotes, and know what 
> is
> quoted, or we don't, and don't.

No, that text is very careful to say "*was* quoted", not "is quoted",
for precisely this reason.  To conform to this requirement, the shell
has to remember which characters were quoted when it removes the quotes.
How this is done is a matter for the implementor.

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