I'm coming late to this discussion, as always, but if you're interested,
here's the information from virginradio.co.uk (sitewide).

Visits by operating system in March 2007 (compared with November 2005)
Windows: 96.39% (was 97.45%)
Macintosh: 2.87% (was 1.75%)
Linux: 0.48% (was 0.55%)
Unknown: 0.25% (was 0.21%)
SunOS: 0.01% (was 0.03%)
FreeBSD: 34 visits
OS/2: 5 visits
OpenBSD 1 visit

We used to use Saga Analytics, like the BBC does, but I found it quite poor
and unsuitable for our needs; so we switched to Urchin, and paid for a while
before it suddenly became a free service branded Google Analytics. Suits my
budget line!

Two interesting headline figures: our Linux share seems similar, if slightly
larger, than the BBC's but it doesn't appear to be growing; and there has
been a clear rise in users of the Macintosh platform over the past year.

Points to note: Virgin Radio's website is designed without any
Windows-specific stuff, and works perfectly with Ubuntu (including our live
audio which defaults, on that platform, to a Flash-based MP3 player); Google
Analytics will only measure JavaScript-enabled browsers (Ubuntu, at least,
has JavaScript switched on by default just like every other system); and
naturally GA will only measure systems that aren't lying about who they are
(one reason why Opera has done badly in internet stats, to my

Hope this is intersting to everyone. Keep up the good work chaps.


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