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Fantastic information - this is very interesting indeed. Thanks to Kim for the bbc.co.uk information, Richard and Brain for their information and James for the virginradio.co.uk and the other sites. I think this allows us all to build up quite a clear picture of what the 'average' user will surf with.

From the bbc.co.uk data, if IE5.5 is more or less on a par with Safari, there are two ways of looking at it - Since the number of users are similar, if you support Safari you should support IE5.5 - Alternatively since IE5.5 will be harder work to support, and it's border line anyway, drop support

For a site which is looking to support as wide a range of users as possible, it looks like IE5.5 should still be supported (if the target audience is as wide as the BBC's) - although James' statistics did show what appears to be a base line of IE5.x users - while IE5.0 should be dropped (in a graded way). I really like how the BBC does it's browser support - very nice work!

Thank you very much to everyone for sharing this data - it really is very interesting. And I second the request for the BBC to publish this data (just as it is below), which would be a really good guide for what range of browsers the average person uses.

Many thanks

On 26 Mar 2007, at 12:15, Kim Plowright wrote:

Just for fun: the february data reworked to show the different flavours of IE at their appropriate % point. There's not much difference between
Safari (all versions) and IE5.5 share. Again, I can't break out the
different flavours of FF and Safari. Bear in mind this is % of PIs, not of users, so heavy consumption would skew these shares, and I'm willing to bet that FF users eat more internets than IE 6 / 7 users, on average.

Browser % share of PIs
IE 6.0  48.29
IE 7.0  25.15
Mozilla-Firefox 11.59
Unidentified    5.17
Safari  2.87
IE 5.5  2.55
Cable   1.5
Netscape        0.95
IE 5.0  0.50
Opera   0.37
IE 4.0  0.29
Pocket_PC       0.28
KDDI-EZweb      0.28
IE 5.2  0.08
IE 5.1  0.05
AOL     0.05
Lynx    0.02
IE 3.0  0.01

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