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I suspect you already know this, and perhaps your question is
rhetorical. I'll answer it anyhow :-). Some browsers had different
interpretations of the standards and render pages radically differently
from each other. Testing to the standards is pointless, and will result
in thousands of emails asking why IE, and it's box model, has messed up
the pretty design.


Actually as far as I can tell, everyone execpt MSIE is aiming to meet the
ACID 2 test: http://www.webstandards.org/action/acid2/ Admittedly firefox
isn't there yet, but has it as a milestone; but IIRC Opera, Safri and
Konquer all meet the test. So it's no "some browsers" it's "a browser".
Unfortunately, that browser just happens to be the most widely used one, so
it has to be "supported".

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