I have a first-generation one, and when it works, it tells us the
local weather at breakfast time and blinks meaningfully (e.g.
consecutive blue dots=rain AND wind).

I say "when" it works, because their server reliability is awful, even
for the clock which is often off the hour or is not announced at all.
It's amusing, but I wouldn't count on it for anything serious such as
playback of phone messages.

To my knowledge the first gen Nabaztag cannot stream audio
continuously, I think there is a 45- or 60-second limit. It is also
WEP only :-(

The new one has a mic, handles WPA and I believe can stream audio. I
saw a demonstration on French TV, parents had recorded their voices as
MP3s and taped RFID chips in their kid's books, if the kid got close
enough to the rabbit it would recite the book.

They publish an API.

hope this helps
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