That's great news!

On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 7:43 PM, James Cridland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Enjoying this thread so far.
> As the man in charge of the Coyopa project, which'll be fiddling with a lot
> of our streams, could I pop in and make the following points (given you know
> we're making changes later this year)...
> 1. We are not removing internet-radio-compatible streams. Panic not.
> 2. Flash streaming "just works" for most people, and as the TV iPlayer has
> shown, a tremendously popular way of consuming content.
> 3. HTTP downloads are not possible: we don't own most of the content. That's
> why you've spotted RTMP being used - it's a form of non-invasive Content
> Restriction And Protection. I'm sorry we have to use it. But we have to use
> it.
> 4. In the minority of cases where HTTP downloads are possible, I would like
> to make those available for more programmes than just the podcasts.
> 5. A "pop-up player" will continue to be available in iPlayer when radio
> "moves in".
> I love the idea of segmenting stories within the Today programme, and I've
> ensured that the right people see that idea.
> Good.
> (grin)
> Beer, anyone?
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