I have one sat next to my desk now as it happens (actually a
Nabaztagtag), although ours is used mainly to announce problems picked
up by our Nagios system. It has been though a really bad period of
reliability earlier in the year, sometimes spending days unable to
contact the Nabaztag server. However the service has been much better in
recent weeks and the bunny has starting waving its ears before we get
the SMS in some cases.
I suspect RM and WMA streams are beyond it though. One of our partners
rebroadcasts a syndicated World Service schedule using mp3 over
Shoutcast so this should work if you substitute your serial (MAC
address) and API token (obtainable from the My Nabaztag portal):
And before anyone asks: We are also looking into alternative formats and
distribution methods over here at the World Service, in the same way
that James and his colleagues at A&MI are looking at alternative formats
to the current Real and Windows offerings. MP3 or AAC over Shoutcast are
on the list of technologies we are considering, but we are a long way
from making any decisions on whether they are appropriate to develop
into a full service yet. 
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        Just wondering, does anyone here have a Nabaztag, and have they
managed to get it "broadcasting" streams from BBC Radio, eg Radio 1 or 6
        Andrew, thinking of shopping for one... (this is NOT a BBC
endorsement of a French product, needless to say!)

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