Dave Crossland wrote:
> 2009/2/23 Robert (Jamie) Munro <rjmu...@arjam.net>:
>>> ""Some of them have no pensions and need this money," he said."
>> Perhaps builders who built buildings in the 1950s should be paid rights
>> on the labour they used to build the building as long as the buildings
>> still stand. Or Doctors whose patients continue to be alive.
> Surely the comparison is with doctors who did the best they could but
> now their patients are dead, but they ought to be continually paid for
> the excellent job they did at the time?

Musicians are only continually paid if the track happened to be a hit
(or perhaps was used in a film or something) lots of music has been
recorded in the last 50 years that was just as good as music that became
a hit but it didn't become a hit due to the vagueness of the music
industry. The performers of this music won't get any benefit from term

Similarly Doctors and Builders should only be paid while their patients
are still alive or the buildings are still used, no matter how much
effort it took to treat the patient or build the building at the time.


Robert (Jamie) Munro

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