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On Tue, 10 Apr 2018, Philip Parsons wrote:

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to set up another
instance of backuppc on the remote server, turn off all the backup
functions, copy the config settings, rsync the pool and just have
that instance as a restorative method (should something happen to
our on-site copy).  Is this feasible?

I'm sure what you propose is possible.  I don't think it's wise.

If you regularly back up the backup server, and something breaks
(which it will only do when you're on holiday), then you'll have
a good backup of a broken backup.  If you have two backup servers,
then to cause you serious inconvenience at least they'll need to
find a more imaginative way to break.

I've been in a situation where BackupPC hasn't backed up anything
for a month and I didn't know about it.  In your proposed scenario
I'd have been up the proverbial creek if something went belly-up.
In fact I don't rely on just one backup method, and nothing broke
last December, but it was still a scary wake-up call after using
the package routinely for years with no real issues.  It wasn't
even BackupPC's fault - it was a botched Debian automatic upgrade
of something else which broke things, and entirely my fault for
taking my eye off the ball.

I can't help thinking that if that were my 10TB, I'd want a more or
less duplicated server with different configuration for things like
full/incremental, blackout periods, and maybe shares and excludes.
Then I'd want another, completely different way of doing it without
any reference to BackupPC at all.  Cartridge discs or something in
a couple of different bank vaults.



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