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Dear list,

I’m sure this has been discussed previously, but I couldn’t see anything in recent archives that specifically related to v4 of BackupPC.

I am using BackupPC v4.1.5 to backup hospital data to an on-site server.  We would however, like to backup this data to another off-site server.  Has anyone had any experience of this?

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to set up another instance of backuppc on the remote server, turn off all the backup functions, copy the config settings, rsync the pool and just have that instance as a restorative method (should something happen to our on-site copy).  Is this feasible?

I guess there are a number of ways that this could be achieved.  CPool size is currently approximately 10Tb.  Off-site network speed is going to be pretty good (apologies for the vagueness here).

I’d be very interested in anyone’s thoughts, or experiences of setting up an off-site replication server with BackupPC v4.



Hi Phil,

Yes, this is quite feasible and straightforward to set up as long as you have control over the selection of filesystem.

Using a Copy-on-Write filesystem with snapshots allows you to very efficiently replicate backups from the main server offsite. No rsync needed, just 'zfs send' or equivalent tool for the selected filesystem. It will not have to search for and detect the differences between the repositories like rsync, instead it transfers the incremental changes from the filesystem since last snapshot. Since the filesystem already keeps track of these, the effort is minimal. You also have more control over the transfer data stream than with rsync (read: multithreaded high compression ratio algos, use accelerated VPN instead of SSH etc.).

The dual active server solution proposed in other responses has other advantages and is a very good option if the added traffic and burden on clients is acceptable.

Best regards,

Johan Ehnberg
Founder, CEO

Molnix Oy

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