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Don, what if the influence of all secular progressivism went away, what would 
society look like?

What if America or whatever else society you want to insert instead, became 

And became a Unitarian Universalists society?
A Neo Druidist society?
A Wiccan society?
A Raƫlian society?
An Eckist society?
A Liberal Hindu society?
A Liberal Mahayana Buddhist society?
A Liberal Muslim society?
A Liberal Jewish society?
A Liberal Christian society?

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On Apr 15, 2013, at 16:10, Stephen Kent Gray <> wrote:

> The Baha'i Studies Listserve
> Don, you seem to think its only because of secularism that everyone isn't on 
> the same page you?
> Read all the above Wikipedia articles on the various religious and 
> theological viewpoints.

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