On 2011-03-10 20:58, Jari Häkkinen wrote:
>  Also, Virtual array works only on 2-channel data.

I was never involved in the development of this plug-in so maybe I am 
missing something obvious....

I had a quick lock at the code 
and I can't see anything in it that depends on the number of channels. 
As far as I can tell it is simply copying the input intensities to the 
output without change. The only difference is that it assigns negative 
position numbers. Actually I don't see any point in running the 
VirtualArray at all. All intensity data afterwards will be exactly the 
same as it was before. The only change is that position numbers are 
different, and as a side-effect of that the connection to raw data is 
lost. But... maybe I am missing something obvious...

Anyone knows more about this?

In any case, since there is not any dependency on the number of channels 
in the code, it should be safe to change
'minChannels 2' to 'minChannels 1' in the pluginVirtualArray.base file. 
Or (easier) directly by reconfiguring the plug-in in the web interface. 
There should be an option for this setting in the second step (leave the 
file field empty in the first step).


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