On 2011-03-11 18:13, Thomas Person wrote:
> Ok, I guess I'm missing something in the configuration of the plugin,
> for all the plugins associated with the Base1PluginExecuter.  If i
> simply create the plugin under the Base1PluginExecuter but then not
> configure it, then I am given the option under the drop down to run
> it when attempting "Run an analysis plugin" but it does not function
> as it hasn't been configured.

Oh... I guess we have to look into that. Unconfigured plug-in shouldn't 
really be in that list.

 > But once i do configure it, with the
> proper file and path to the run command. the option to run the plugin
> in the drop down under run an analysis plugin disappears as an option
> to run.

We have checked the installation procedure of the VirtualArray plug-in 
and it turns out that the configuration file that is used is incorrect. 
The problem with the 'descr' field has already been fixed but there are 
two more issues:

  * The 'geneAverages' setting should be '1', not '0'.
  * The 'minChannels' setting should be '1', not '2'.

Fortunately both settings can be changed in the web gui. Start the 
configuration wizard for the VirtualArray plug-in. In the first step, 
make sure to NOT select a file. This will take you to a second step 
where you can change the value for the two parameters mentioned above. 
The 'geneAverages' setting is called 'Average on reporters' in the wizard.

Hope this works better.


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