We're not yet able to setup Ubuntu native on PC's at work, so we're using 
Ubuntu under VBOX.

I'm attempting to do JTAG debugging via CCS 7.2 to the BB-X15/am572xEVM, 
but when I run CCS in debug mode under an Ubuntu/VirtualBox, CCS hangs. 
 I'm able to view registers on the A15_0 core, but I haven't been able to 
successfully load u-boot-spl.bin built in CCS on Ubuntu.  When I load, CCS 
never comes back, and I haven't been able to specify the "load address" for 
the SPL.  From what I understand from reading an older version of TI's CCS 
wiki, JTAG debugging doesn't work well through a virtual machine.

So I'm trying a strange approach:  2, CCS 7.2 installations on the same 
machine, 1 under the Ubuntu VM to build the SPL in Linux and another under 
Windows to manage the JTAG debugging process (e.g. load u-boot-spl.bin via 
JTAG, view memory, step, etc).  But I'm having some issues using a 
Windows/VBOX shared folder to contain the u-boot tree so that both the 
Windows and Ubuntu CCS's can look at the same tree/project.

Has anyone on this forum successfully tried this kind of thing before or 
are there obvious reasons why this is a bad idea??  

I think the person in the following thread may have tried something like 


I may post up on TI/E2E, but we're working with the BB-X15 image, not the 
TI SDK image.  I'll try to annotate this thread with any useful information 
that's thrown our way.



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