I have experience with various C6x DSP EVM and custom boards, but I've 
never worked with a Sitara board.

What is driving the need to use Linux in the development/debug workflow? Is 
it development on the ARM portion, or development on the C6x DSP? Or both?

I recently ordered the Beagleboard x15 (just got a batch at Digikey of the 
Rev C's get 'em while they're hot), so I'll be tackling a similar situation 
soon. I was figuring that since CCS can run on Windows it would cover at 
least the DSP part of development. Then for any Linux part, I could use 
Visual Studio '17 with the Linux dev/debug support (just need SSH and 
compiler on target).

I'm not against working in Linux per se, and I definitely don't mind 
targeting Linux for embedded work, but I have my main dev gear running 
Windows and I don't want to lug around extra gear.



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