Best news I've heard all week....

Just out of curiosity is the BB-X15 that we can order now from DigiKey 
still SR2 or was there another revision done on the board/silicon?  

I have an am572xEvm which reports to be ES2.0/(?SR2.0?) when SPL/u-boot 
boots.  Will the rev_a3 device tree for the the ti 572x still run on the 
latest BB-X15?

Reason I ask. A couple of weeks ago, following the instructions on 
retrieving and patching u-boot for the BB-X15 from eewiki, I retrieved a 
mysterious version of the TI patch set for u-boot which compiled, but 
wouldn't boot.  It had references to device trees with 'RevC.'  I posted up 
here, and then re-retrieved/applied the u-boot patch set and those 
references to RevC went away, and u-boot ran again on my ES2.0 am572xEvm..

Thanks and regards! jeff

On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 11:57:17 AM UTC-5, Jason Kridner wrote:
> BeagleBone Blue's at under $64 plus tax and free shipping. Unfortunately, 
> limited to the US. Ends at 11:59PM US Central time.
> Also, I see Digi-Key has BeagleBoard-X15's in stock.

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