Why did PBMVC vote for this change?  On street parking ordinance changes
tend to be routine action items that often don't get a lot of scrutiny.
Some times such ordinances add parking, sometimes they remove parking.  They
usually are not a big deal.  The implications of this change got missed.  We
also barely had quorum for this meeting (people missing included some who
might have caught this one) and people's attention was on the Monroe St
Commercial District Plan.

On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 4:00 PM, Michael D. Barrett

> And so the question remains, why would the PBMVC vote to expand Park Street
> for speeding suburban traffic? Why would it vote against it's urban use, and
> instead convert it to a suburbanite's expressway?
> -Mike
> At 2:57 PM -0600 11/6/08, Mark Shahan wrote:
>> Bikies,
>> While I was correct in what I said before, there is some additional
>> information to pass on.  On March 21, 2007, PBMVC approved changing the
>> existing parking restriction from Haywood Drive to Fish Hatchery Rd by
>> extending the restriction north to Erin St.  The Council approved the change
>> on March 27, 2007.  This change was only for the west side of Park St so I
>> don't know why there would be a change on the east side of Park St
>> (north-bound).  Note too that this change shouldn't have changed the
>> situation from Fish Hatchery road to Haywood Drive on the west side of Park
>> St, i.e., it should be as difficult as before to continue south on Park St
>> for cyclists stuck in the right turn lane.  That said, maybe a different
>> striping could be considered now that the right turn lane has been extended.
>> Anybody from the City care to comment about the east side of Park St?
>> Mark

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