As a year-round Park Street bike commuter (from Copps to Dayton), I was eager to see the St. Mary's mess get finished and returned to bike lane status. Biking through the mess, getting squeezed by cars and trucks through the lane changes and detours was an interesting hassle, but I never felt harassed.

When it was done and the bike lane never returned I was sad, but in front of St. Mary's cars tend to say out of the right lane. The hairiest part is transitioning past the right turn lane for Fish Hatchery. I just stay as visible as possible and use hand signals and eye contact.

That said, I'd love to have the bike lanes back (all the way down Park! Both sides). Even the bike/parking lanes are better than nothing (although winter cars park too far from the curb). I wrote to Madison's "Report a Problem" about the disappearing bike lane, but never got a response. Perhaps if others do as well?

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What happened to the bike path after St Mary's

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