You are wrong.

I not only testified strongly & repeatedly against the road expansions around St. Mary's, I *voted* against it on the Urban Design Commission when I saw those plans for road expansion. That the members of the PBMVC ignored that advice is entirely on their consciences.

In my 4.5 years on the Urban Design Commission, I missed all of 2 meetings (UDC meets twice a month; most commissions just meet once/month). UDC never had quorum problems during my tenure there. Attendance--by our own allies--is a recurring problem on PBMVC. And that is how bad things keep getting by them.

Furthermore, aside from maybe Mike Neuman, there is probably not one other non-elected person on this list who testifies at more city commission & council meetings than me. So, nice try, Al.

And finally I point you to this in Matt's latest post:

"This diagram suggests that 36.1% of the transportation funding in the
Dane County MPO is allocated for capacity expansion. Why is over 1/3 of
street/road funding going toward capacity expansion at a time when
indicators of driving demand are declining dramatically? Why are we
throwing all this money into capacity expansion at a time when our 911
system is in turmoil and we have roads all over the county literally crumbling into gravel?"

Indeed, 'why.' Aren't you on the MPO? Looks like someone's got more splainin' to do.

For those of you on council, county board, the various commissions, it's head's up time, and time for some backbone. These #s are ugly, and so far all we are seeing is rubber stamping.


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