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> Good morning Rusty and list,
>> Your zero-val-OP_TRUE-can't-be-spent-after-same-block SF is
>> interesting,
>> but if we want a SF just give us SIGHASH_NOINPUT and we'll not need
>> this
>> at all (though others still might).
> We might still want this in general in Lightning; for instance we
> could make every funding transaction include such an output.  If it
> turns out, our initial feerate estimate for the funding transaction is
> low, we can use the `OP_TRUE` for fee-bumping.  This is a win for
> Lightning since the funding transaction ID remains the same (even in
> Decker-Russell-Osuntokun, the trigger transaction is signed with
> `SIGHASH_ALL`, and refers to a fixed funding transaction ID).
> Without the `OP_TRUE`-for-fee-bump, we would have to pretend to open a
> new different channel and RBF the old funding transaction with a new
> higher-feerate funding transaction, then keep track of which one gets
> confirmed deeply (there is a race where a miner discovers a block
> using the older funding transaction before our broadcast of the new
> funding transaction reaches it).
> (we could also feebump using the change output of the funding
> transaction, but such a change output might not exist for all funding
> transactions.)

This would only really help in the case of the funding tx not having a
change output, which I believe will be very rare. In the case of a
change output we can simply do a CPFP which includes the change output.
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